Flower Brooch And Flower Hair Ornament

Flower brooch and flower hair ornament

The flowers on your shirt or hair make you more gorgeous and feminine.
Romantic flower brooch and flower hair ornament

For girls, bow and flower are accessories that help them become more feminine and feminine when wearing cute outfits. Please refer to some suggestions below to find yourself the right choice.

Flower Brooch And Flower Hair Ornament
Flower Brooch And Flower Hair Ornament

Outfits with a bow and flower attached become extremely romantic for a date.
Romantic flowers dotted in her hair

Every girl likes her to have soft and feminine hair, bows and flowers will help you become more stylish and graceful. For girlfriends with short hair, it seems like wrapping beautiful hair becomes a bit more difficult than those with long hair. However, very simple and chic hair wraps make short hair more graceful and outstanding.

The use of accessories to decorate and beautify short hair is quite important. Bow patterns, flower clips, even small crowns or necklaces are used cleverly and delicately when placed on the hair in a stylized manner to create a charm for the hair and charm for the girlfriend. Along with the very fashionable and trendy curling or hair curl, the short-haired girlfriend will quickly become the focus of attention, stand out with a perfect look.

Beautiful flowers

Flowers on the hair, on the shirt make the street more beautiful, more interesting by the color of the flowers I bring. And of course, every girl feels amused when the eyes are on her more. Refresh your outfits by stylizing this beautiful little flower in a very feminine and graceful style. Floral brooch not only makes your deep-colored outfits more vibrant and youthful but also creates a fashionable accent on simple outfits.

Only from a flower that women can create their own different “flavors” by mixing clothes by the design and color.

Combining flowers and bow with the shirt is not difficult at all, a red rose of silk can be tied to the side of a black jacket, fastened to the chest of a white shirt, or pinned to the neckline of a blue monochromatic dress. The military is all gorgeous. The flowers with feathers under the base can be attached to jean jackets or cardigans and mezzanine jackets, all of which bring style and personality …

Flower Brooch And Flower Hair Ornament
Flower Brooch And Flower Hair Ornament

You should use flowers to wear to polite and luxurious places such as offices, parties, weddings. Because it is “earth” for more colorful flowers to show off. Flower brooch comes in many different sizes and designs. Girlfriends with small stature should choose medium-sized flowers to suit the body. Girls with round faces, big faces, and short necks should not choose large flowers with many wings and should not be placed on the shoulders and neck.

They will cover the neck and make your “moon mold” more blooming.

Based on skin tone and age to choose for yourself the right flower. If the skin is pale, green, do not choose dark green flowers, small or slanted eyes, then ignore the long flowers, wearing many cumbersome feathers. If you are a lady, choose flowers made from lace, silk with diamond beads to increase your elegance.

DIY flower brooch

The material to make the bow and flower brooch is very simple, you should prepare 8 pieces of flower cut cloth, first will make the middle part of the flower; Use 1 of the 8 flowers you have cut, fold it in half and curl; Next, take 4 flower-shaped cloths and fold 1/4 of them; Sew each of the 1/4 folds attached to the center of the rolled flower above.

The 3 remaining flowers you leave intact and then sew around on the outside. So lovely handmade flowers are ready to “bloom on the shirt” anytime you want to change your style.

Not only to make hair accessories or dresses, but you can also use these magnificent flowers for shoes, gifts.


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