10 Handmade Brooches and Pins

10 Handmade Brooches and Pins

Pansy and Tentacular Dahlia Fabric Flowers

10 Handmade Brooches and Pins
10 Handmade Brooches and Pins

Freshly cut flowers are always nice —however fabric flowers can be treasured for quite a long time to come. The blossoms here attach to brooches or pins that you can wear as adornment now and keep as mementos for years to come.

They can be made from nearly any kind of cloth—and since you need so little to make them, they’re a great way to use up scraps.

Floral Embroidered Felt Pins

10 Handmade Brooches and Pins
10 Handmade Brooches and Pins

You’ll be surprised at how quickly a few simple stitches — back stitch, French knot, split stitch, and straight stitch — can create a beautiful, wearable garden. Best of all, there’s no pattern to transfer, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different stitches and motifs to create your own.

Blossoming Brooch

Brooches can add glitz and glamour to a simple outfit. Here, we show you how to make brooches from craft store finds and recycled pieces you may already have in your jewelry box.

This flower pin makes a pretty present for Mom, a girlfriend, or for yourself.

Attach it to a jacket, cardigan, or headband to create a cute hair accessory.

Silk Poppy Pin

Don’t worry about the poppies being perfect — the raw-edged look mimics the real thing and is part of the flowers’ appeal. The finished poppies can be attached to pins or barrettes.

Earrings into Pins

Recycle those glitzy earrings that only see action only at weddings, and make pins. Cluster a few together to give holiday outfits a pop of sparkle.

The upper two crystal blossoms shown are clip-ons clamped onto the neckline, while the bottom one is a stud pierced through the fabric.

Paper Party Brooch

We utilized just the finest materials (wink, wink!)- – crepe paper, a feather, and stars and strip – to make this stylish pin.

After all, a party calls for fancy wear! The concept was simple: Layer items on a triangle precut from card stock, then add a self-adhesive pin backing (available at crafts stores).

Fabric Flower Brooch

To make this fabric flower pin, purchase a brooch clasp from the findings section of a beading store (it’s best to choose one that has holes in the center of it, instead of choosing one with a solid bar). Sew the clasp securely in place to the back of the fabric flower.

Penny Brooch

10 Handmade Brooches and Pins
10 Handmade Brooches and Pins

With plaid lace, craft glue, a coin, and a straightforward adornments part, you can make a smart-looking accessory that will spruce up a youngster’s lapel.

Felt Holly Corsage

For a playful nod to the traditional holiday pin, try these cheerful corsages. We utilized a grouping of trimmings: small glass decorations, pom-poms, clipped bits of sparkle, and velvet and silk strips to adorn our own, however you could likewise utilize buttons, beads, special fabric you’ve been saving, or antique milliner flowers found at a flea market.

Tasseled Fringe Safety Pin

Even the plainest of pins can be embellished with flair—all you need is a loose length of thread or yarn leftover from a project.


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