Reveal best way to wear flower brooch pin

With so many tips on choosing flowers to brooch Nhan Do, have you chosen for yourself a satisfactory brooch flower? If so, please invite her to watch Nhan Do reveal 4 ways to wear the most beautiful flower pins summarized below!

Wear a Flower brooch pin on your outfit’s waist

We remember this method first because it is one of the most popular and effective methods. Pins can be worn on the waist of your clothes, such as an ao dai, skirt, dress, etc. Your clothes will become more elegant and impressive, and your waistline will appear slimmer. Pick a flower and wear it around your waist if you want to be the center of attention!

Đặt một ghim cài áo trên vòng eo của bạn

Attach a flower brooch pin to your dress’s collar

This is a great suggestion if she likes to wear simple clothes like shirts. She only needs a flower buttoned at the collar to turn plain shirts into something special and full of personality. The flower will become a special highlight to help her express her simple but very delicate personality, thanks to the soft velvet fabric that does not cause discomfort.

Đeo chiếc ghim cài áo vào cổ áo của bạn

Put flower brooch pin on jackets, vests

Jackets and vests are close companions of “every home” at times for meetings, formal gatherings, or to mix and match sets to look more special. Putting flowers on jackets and vests may sound like a new “challenge,” but the results will be unexpected. If you look closely, you will notice that your jacket or vest has an empty buttonhole; this is to give you a gift to decorate your shirt in the most beautiful way possible! Why don’t you give it a shot?

Đặt một cái ghim trên ve áo khoác vest của bạn

Pin a brooch to your chest

If you know how to change your shirts, no matter what shape or color they are, they will all become attractive and sexy. Nhan Do’s tip for wearing a brooch on the chest is included below. When the flower brooch is chosen as a highlight for the chest part, the girl’s beauty is suddenly gentle but equally attractive and personality, causing the opposite person to be excited.

Đặt một cái ghim trên áo len của bạn

Are the types of clothes you wear every day becoming a boring “chorus”? While they’re always elegant options, if you master a little how to wear flower pins to your outfit, you’ll be a creative girl.

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