Shining Brightly With Sunflower Brooch Pin

Shining Brightly With Sunflower Brooch Pin

Let’s have a brief discussion about sunflowers – Shining Brightly With Sunflower Brooch Pin


Derived from Greek mythology, sunflowers are named after a mermaid’s faithful love who dedicated all her devotion to the sun god but received no answer. Even if the sun god remains uninterested, the mermaid continues to watch over and wait for love from him. Because of those genuine feelings, the other gods used magic to transform the mermaid into a flower that always faces the sun, and the flower with a bright yellow color that constantly faces the sun has been known as a sunflower ever since.

In Asia, sunflowers represent longevity; in Europe, they represent stability and sustainability; and in South America, they represent holiness and reverence.

Why did we decide on sunflowers for this design? – Shining Brightly With Sunflower Brooch Pin

During an evening event, our artists discussed the party’s atmosphere. We instantly discovered that light is present in everything we do. We then had an idea for a design based on “sunbeams” that came to us out of nowhere. This pin brooch type features a new design that sticks out and has to be dazzling. Sunflowers were exactly what we needed at the time. So…

How did we create this design? – Shining Brightly With Sunflower Brooch Pin


Many-hour handmade flower brooch pin by our hard-working Artist.

We choose the brocade ribbon to make our Sun flower brooch, because brocade fabric is thick enough and smooth enough. The Sun Flower has both the strong and the graceful beauty.

The sparkling pistil is also meticulously hand-attached, all exuding the magical vitality like a real flower.

The magic of fabric and hand!

One basket of petals is going to bloom a flower ^^

Our Sun Flower blooms forever!

The yellow colour is warm and brings the faith and vitality to the anyone own it.

The Sunflower with the meaning of sincere affection and trust, symbolizing the always rising to the light – the lucky and good things.

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