Using Camellia As A Fashion Accessory

Using Camellia Flower As A Fashion Accessory

What is the significance of the camellia flower? – Using Camellia Flower As A Fashion Accessory

They all have rich significance attached with them, just like any other flower. The same is true for Camellia flowers, but because flowers come in a variety of colors, each one has its own set of meanings and messages. However, this flower’s general meaning is to symbolise greatness, pride, devotion, and humility.

About the off-white camellia flower, the tenderness color of cream-white flowers, like teenage girls in the period of adulthood, signifies lovely things. It also represents beauty and the longing for a complete and perfect life. Furthermore, off-white camellia symbolizes innocence and affection between mother and child. They are also considered lucky, and many people leave them around the house to encourage good fortune. It is considered to bring good luck when given to a man.

Placing camellia flower on your outfit – Using Camellia Flower As A Fashion Accessory

Off-white (Cream White) color is the best easy-matching item for any clothes. If you are not good at mixing and matching, you should use this color.

Our artisans made the petals out of fabric. 

Each petal was burned to curly by heat of the oil lamp

Connected by hot glue gun.

We made each layer, step by step.

Finally, the silk brocade camellia is like a real, but blooms forever.

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