The Pleasing Fusion Of Black And White

The Pleasing Fusion Of Black And White

As you know, the two “roots” of the palette are black and white. Despite the fact that they are diametrically opposed in terms of meaning, perspective, or any other sector but they can still combine.

About the definition – The Pleasing Fusion Of Black And White

Black is the darkest and most unique color in the color system. Because black remains unchanged regardless of how many other colors are blended. Although not colorful, but black, the mysterious connotation is applied in a variety of fields. From present into the past, the enigma is always mentioned by black. In the field of fashion, black carries a strong protective symbol. When you employ black things on a light background, they stand out and draw attention.

In contrast to black, white is the most vibrant hue in the palette, representing the merger of all spectral colors. White, often known as the achromatic-color, has a color value of zero and is the inverse of black. White is associated with simplicity, purity, and cleanliness.

Combination – The Pleasing Fusion Of Black And White

We choose 2 basic colours in this design, because we believe that the simple beauty has its own attractive. This design can be used for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. Because of the black and white color scheme and about 9cm in diameter, this design can be worn with a variety of costumes. We used this “black-white mixed” for the brooch so they are USEFUL FOR ALL OCCASION handmade brooch can be pinned to lapels, hats, dresses, office shirt, vest, handbag… 


Hot trend colour and never obsolete!

Black is sexy and mysterious, The Cream White is charming and elegant.

They are opposites but complement each other, creating a design with a very special charm and personality.

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